3-Speed to 4-Speed Conversion


Just did the swap 6 months ago.  I am very pleased with the results. 

You will need:

4-sp bell housing
4-sp inspection cover
The slave cylinder is different for the 4-sp, so get one of those.
It is said that you can keep the 3 speed clutch set-up but since you have the transmission out you mind as well replace the pressure plate and clutch too.  The 4 speed clutch is a better design anyway.
4-sp Clutch fork,  throw out bearing
pilot bearing
throw out bearing carrier and clips
4-sp flywheel-get it resurfaced
clutch alignment tool
4-sp clutch disk
4-sp pressure plate
4-sp transfer case or an adapter for a 4-speed transmission to 3speed x-fer

 Get 4-speed drive shafts, and take off one end.  You do not need to cut them.  Just use half of your old shaft and the other half 4-speed shafts.  The old drive shaft ends go on your axles, the newer ends go on your xfer.

 You will not need to move the cross member, but it will be tight.  Make sure your parking brake is in perfect condition before you put the tranny in because you will not be able to get inside it once it is up in there.  You may want to exchange parking brake assemblies with you old one, because the handle and mounts are different.  You may be able to switch just the cable, do that if you can. 

Don't forget your reverse lights. Route your wires from the column to the switch on the transmission.

 You'll have to cut a hole in the floor for the new shifter location for both the transmission and xfer (do that last).

 Make sure you have all the linkage for the transfer if you use a 4-sp transfer.

 Good luck and e-mail with any questions.